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Dexlabs Inc. is a full-service consulting firm for startups. We’re here to work with you during every stage of your startup, from initial consultation to idea, design/development, branding, marketing, and launch.

A Team of Experts

ready to help you at any stage of your company

Consulting For Hardware Startups

Product Prototyping and Design Optimization
Supply Chain
DFM: Design for Manufacturing
Distribution/Logistics Strategy
Intellectual Property
User testing and feedback Integration
Small batch prototype manufacturing

Consulting For Software Startups

Customer Acquisition and Growth Hacking
Subscription Pricing and Monetization Strategy
Data Analytics and Insights
Integration and API Development
Beta Testing and User Onboarding
Competitor Analysis and market positioning

Support For Hardware Startups

Product Viability Assessment
Supply Chain Manufacturing
Technology and IP Analysis
Prototype and Design Validation
Team Valuation

Support For Software Startups

Product & Technical Architecture
Data Security and Privacy
Tech Stack Scalability
Intellectual Property
Software Metrics

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